Thursday, 5 November 2009

Initial Chop-Shop Exterior Ideas

I wanted the exterior to have a design much like this image below. It is simple and modular and what is interesting is the random placement of paneling which enhances realism and also possesses an industrial quality.
Below are some more refined perspective line drawings of three different chop-shop exterior designs. My favourite chop-shop exterior design is the drawing to the far right. Initially I wanted the exterior to be relatively simple however, I felt that the two initial ideas were a little too bland and uninteresting. I wanted to push myself and create a design which enabled an opportunity for interesting lighting.
Below are some more refined front elevation (exterior) line drawing and tonal diagrams using Photoshop.
Here are various sketches of the exterior of the chop-shop. These were very quick sketches of ideas for the front and perspective elevations of the chop-shop as well as bulkhead designs.

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