Thursday, 26 November 2009

Exterior Chop-Shop 3D Render (Complete)

Below is the render of the chop-shop exterior model. I am particularly pleased the way this render turned out as it is very close to my original concepts. Again I did use photoshop to enhance and tweak the render itself. The red light and glow was added after the render. I also made the textures such as the logo, bay number and hazard stripes less overpowering. The shadows were in places far too dark near the bulkhead door so I decided to lighten up the entrance area. I also added a lens flare to give a sense that it was an exterior in space. I was pleased that my textures turned out better than I expected. The scratched metal paneling textures give a real sense of how the exterior was constructed and that it has weathered over time. I believe I achieved that contrast between the industrial exterior to that of the smart clean interior.

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