Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Chop-Shop Occlusion Renders (Maya)

All the images below are occlusion layer renders of my chop-shop model in Maya. When I attempted to render these images with the ceiling on, the render came out completely black. I assumed that the ceiling was interfering with Maya's default lighting, so I removed the ceiling and rendered these images. The occlusion render is a really nice tool which exaggerates the relief of your model. It basically looks the way it does because Maya creates shadows where two or more edges meet. I came across this tool when it was shown in a book and a fellow student explained how to use it. Its great because it allows the viewer to see exactly what the space looks like in terms of structure and design. It also makes your model look crisp, clean and smart. It also seems to make your model 10 times better. The finish is almost like a real foam-board model under soft light.

Here are various views from within the interior chop-shop model.

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