Thursday, 5 November 2009

Final Chop-Shop Exterior Perspective Colour Concepts (Complete)

Here is the final chop-shop exterior design in three different states. The exterior will be exposed to deep space which is why I have added a completely black background. I have also tried to experiment with differences in lighting. The first concept on the left depicts the chop-shop hangar bulkhead when closed. The second concept depicts the chop-shop hangar bulkhead fully open exposing the anti radiation and harmful light reflective protective screen. The idea is that the occupants within the chop-shop are protected and thus can still appreciate the wonders and spectacles of space. Looking through this screen from outside is impossible due to the highly reflective surface. However when looking from within the chop-shop the view is crystal clear. The third concept on the right depicts the exterior of the ship in deep space where absolutely no light is present. The chop-shop hangar is fully open and the protective screen has not been engaged, therefore the interior of the workshop can be seen through the thick airtight glass hangar door. The idea is that the hangar opening is comprised of three layers. The bulkhead hangar door made of a steel/ titanium alloy is the layer which is on the outside of the ship. The protective screen is the layer in between the bulkhead door and the glass airlock door. The glass airlock door is the layer which is closest to the core of the frigate.

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