Thursday, 5 November 2009

Chop-Shop Logo Designs

I thought it might be an idea to come up with some sort of Logo for my Chop-Shop. I wanted to give my chop-shop an identity even if it's activities are illegal. Just for fun I came up with a few ideas. From the start I wanted the logo to be Dynamic and Futuristic. I started with the name "Splice" as a reference to DNA splicing. The idea behind this name was to suggest that the vehicles or craft were being altered or even repaired with different parts. However I felt this name was ultimately unsuitable as a chop-shop involves a vehicle being dismantled for salable parts instead of being either altered or repaired. Thus I looked up the word "refined" in the English Oxford Thesaurus. Several different words which meant the same thing were listed such as polished, rectified, filtered, distilled & processed. However the word that stood out the most was "purified" or "pure". This word had far more weight to it and suggested that the vehicle was being purified into salable components. So I chose the word "Pure" as the name for my futuristic chop-shop. I did look at various font designs for titles from games such as Wipeout. Indeed the name "Pure" is somewhat of a nod to the wipeout franchise as one of the game titles was "Wipeout Pure".
I also downloaded a few cool future fonts such as Decoder, 399 Missile, Dominator Black, Intergalatic Veloudrome, Neutronica, Prologik & Futuremark. I experimented with all of these fonts however I felt that Futuremark suited my ideas far more than the rest.
I also had a good idea of what I wanted for the colour scheme for my logo design. I wanted to use the colours used on the alien weaponry in the recent film "District 9". These colours were Orange, Black & White.

Below are my own designs for the chop-shop logo. The logo that I am most pleased with is the design to the bottom right.


  1. Oh my gosh I loved wipeout!!! Used to play it on my old playstation as a kid! That game had some great designs. Good choice of research there Chris!

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