Monday, 23 November 2009

3D Chop-Shop Face & Polygon Models

Below is the 3D model of the chop-shop nearing its final stages before being imported into Lightwave for Texturing, Lighting and Rendering. I was not pleased with the crane, the robotic arms and the vehicle/ craft, so I decided to attempt to do a better job of modeling these particular components in Lightwave by completely re-modeling them.

The modeling process was difficult at first using Maya as this was the first time I had attempted to create a design of my own properly. I wanted to push myself and learn how to model in Maya and familiarize myself with most of the important tools and functions. To begin with the program was daunting, confusing and hard to get along with, but I was determined and got on with it. Books and tutorials did help me greatly as did tips from fellow students. I was not comfortable with lighting, texturing and rendering in Maya, so I decided to use Lightwave which is a slightly more familiar program in terms of navigation. In addition Lightwave's rendering is somewhat faster. I exported the model from Maya as and .fbx file which could be read by a 3D program called modo. This file format could then subsequently be altered to a LW .obj file.

Below are a couple of images of the 3D model of the interior design for the chop-shop.

Below are a few images of my exterior design for the chop-shop. Here the model is presented with faces/ polygons so that its structure and volume is visible.

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