Thursday, 15 October 2009


I have come up with a story for my futuristic sci-fi chop-shop. This is purely for fun, however providing a story may help me come up with some new ideas and relate to my idea more strongly.

I had the idea that the chop-shop is run by a partnership between a man and a woman. They are what may be known as Space Pirates. They steal and buy all kinds of shuttle craft, so that they can clone, repair or create entirely new craft which are then sold to various clients. They usually however, specialise in dismantling shuttle craft for salable parts which are often worth more sold separately. Their chop-shop is on board an waste disposal frigate which is difficult to trace as it moves from planet to planet in deep space.

I was thinking that perhaps it could be a game of some kind. (Kinda like GTA in space, without the unnecessary violence and carnage).

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