Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Brief A: Game Design Project (Chop-Shop)

I have chosen to attempt the rockstarnorth assignment which is Brief A: Game Design Project.

"I want your students to design, build, and texture a "chop-shop" for us. In case any of the students are wondering, a chop-shop is a garage where stolen cars are taken to be either re-sprayed and given new number plates, or broken up for spare parts. If they want to come up with a name for the chop-shop and appropriate signage then that would help us out."

1. "They should use a 3D modelling package that is preferably Max or Maya. The submitted work should consist of both an exterior and an interior."

2. "When they model the interior they should use a 20,000 polygon limit as the game engine won't be displaying anything other than the interior and characters at a fixed LOD (Level Of Detail)."

3. "When they model the exterior then they will have to build three different LODs, high (5000 polys), medium (2,500 polys), and low (500 polys), for viewing at different distances within the game engine."

4. "The texturing of their models is as important as the geometry; their models should be textured using a TGA format image files of 256 x 256, 512 x 512, or 1024 x 1024 resolutions."

The tutors explained that the brief itself was only a guideline and therefore the conditions and parameters could be altered to somewhat satisfy personal preferences. Thus I decided I shall build a chop-shop. I shall model both an interior and an exterior. I shall not however pay attention too much to the poly count limitations as well as the texturing conditions. I shall also attempt to use other 3D packages other than Maya, such as Z-Brush and Lightwave.

I shall attempt to create a digital 2D illustration/ concept and a 3D model of the interior and exterior of the chop-shop.

Definition of a Chop-Shop according to various sources on the Internet:

Noun; Slang
- A place where stolen cars are disassembled for parts that are then sold.
- A place where stolen automobiles are dismantled for parts which are sold to repair wrecked vehicles which are illicitly resold.

*(The definition of chop-shop was not found in my copy of the 2000 Millennium Edition Collins English Dictionary).

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