Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New Layout Diagram

Here is a new idea for the layout of the chop-shop. As you can see I have removed the seating area and airlock. The room itself is more of a rectangle than the previous square format. The kitchen area/ observation room is far more discreet. There is no airlock however a more rounded elongated bulkhead can be seen before the construction bays. Either this bulkhead is made of very thick bulletproof / airtight glass or made of thick titanium/ steel alloy.

This particular design is certainly far more spacious. I was initially experimenting with a claustrophobic environment. I explored the idea of a makeshift tight workspace.

I have to decide whether my chop-shop has an organised and clean feel with slick white wall modular paneling and a fair amount of overhead lighting. Or a cluttered, untidy and dark workspace.

Of course lighting is a major component which helps to convey the mood of an environment. Perhaps lighting an illegal workshop with low tonality may be too obvious however it does seem very appealing in terms of artistic imagery.

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