Monday, 26 October 2009

New Chop-Shop Layout Perspective Colour Concept (Complete)

Here is the Final Concept of the chop-shop in colour using the previous tonal concept as a template for lighting. I wanted the interior to be quite dimly lit with only a few light sources. I wanted the colour pallet to have cool and neutral colours with the occasional flash of red. I tried to incorporate the colours in my initial starter concept. I really like the way the light flares off the craft in the centre of the image to enhance the shiny surface of the chassis. I also feel that the reflections give a sense of depth and realism. I wanted the chop-shop to appear smart, clean and organised. I believe I have achieved just that.

I managed to find these photographs on the internet. I found them incredibly handy and used them as reference for colour and lighting. I applied what I had acquired from these images into my colour concept of the chop-shop. I think I did a pretty good job of recreating the colour and lighting into my own work. You can clearly see that most of my colour choices were taken straight from the first image. The second image helped me to create the strip lights towards the back of the workshop. The third image helped me to create realistic reflections on the walls, floor and on the craft. The fourth image helped me to add a slight industrial slant to the chop-shop in as far as the addition of the robotic arms and their colour as well as the automated crane. I added the red lights too to enhance the notion of a working chop-shop and to add a flash of red to create another light source which I believe brings the piece to life.

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